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Punta Cana - Republica Dominicana

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Who we are

Elena Lenina

Director of the wedding agency, organizer and coordinator of festive events: wedding ceremonies, hand and heart offers, love confessions, birthdays and other unique events in each person’s life.  My main business is Event Manager, and I constantly strive to develop and improve it. Make the wedding day, our newlyweds unforgettable – my most important task. I will ask you many questions, your knowledge, important moments, colors and favorite flowers, everything to organize for you the perfect day, one of the best, in your life, which will begin in the land of love – the Dominican Republic.

If I had to choose the most important thing in my work, I would put in the first place – a relationship with our bride and groom!

The main motto is to build trusting and friendly relationships with the bride and groom. It is so important to know the dreams and wishes of the bride, the mood of the groom and their common taste preferences, in order to make an important day, for all of us, the wedding day – individual and memorable.

My team works with me, only professional and experienced photographers, videographers, florists, stylists, ceremonies, drivers and technicians. Next to me, always – a wedding designer. Her task is to develop a style, recommend wedding dresses, design a wedding arch and adjust colors, as well as sketches and inspiration – everything related to the image of the bride and groom the day of their marriage.

Nadia Kobets

All life is a sequence of frames … I want to capture, only, the sunburns of your life!

To do this, I use all the skills, techniques and necessary, in photographic reporting, equipment. All to reveal fully, in the photo, the feelings and emotions, a couple in love, on the memorable day of their marriage.

Elena Raduga

I am Your wedding ceremony officer. It is for me a personal love story, delicious and delicate!

I speak the language of the heart and the words of the feelings, living together with the lovers, the happiest moments. Moments, the moment when the family comes up. After all, the wedding ceremony in the Caribbean, especially in the Dominican Republic, is not just a beautiful picture. As a rule, brides and grooms clearly understand why they need a wedding, in principle. And the wedding ceremony is the cornerstone of a new quality in relationships, a short period of time, whose memories – remain forever.


Sometimes I feel like a fairy godmother, only in the place of Cinderella – a happy bride and her friends. Take a drop of magic of feminine beauty, add a handful of inspiration and mood, and voila – all happy and your image of the bride – is perfect !!!  The main thing in our magical world of stylistic transformations – there is no impossible! And on this day, all the images and elements of the ceremony will be well combined and will complement each other, creating an unforgettable holiday atmosphere.

Pola Richards

Designer of weddings and clothes, designer and artistic director of the agency GrandLove Weding.

I am inspired by love! Together with you, inspired by the feelings, we will create the best wedding project!

Denis Lunyakin


It’s not a problem for me to make a beautiful video, technically. It is important, only, to seize the moment and be happy with the newlyweds in our work! You want to create a unique movie, let’s create together.

I will choose the best angle, I will get the perfect combination of exposure and composition, and in post-processing, I will put the images, exactly, the soundtrack that best conveys the atmosphere that prevailed during the holidays.

Alexander Vasilyev


Nothing is impossible. Even clouds can be sewn to heaven, if only you want it.