Bridal preparation for Wedding in tropics should be paid special attention due to hot climate.

First and the most important step is to think through the image of the bride.

It goes without saying that it should be combined with the wedding color scheme and style overall. You won’t want to put red flowers into your hairstyle and bouquet when all the decor has soft blue details for example.

Your wedding ceremony will take place on the beach with the view of Atlantic ocean or Caribbean sea. It’s insanely beautiful! But while preparing the bride, some special conditions should be considered.

For instance, the sea breeze on the coast. Sometimes it’s a slight breeze, but sometimes it’s quite noticeable. Also there is hot Dominican sun and strong humidity.

So if you planned loose hair or curls for your bridal image, prepare to be disheveled very quickly.

Ideal hairstyle for Wedding in the Dominican Republic

Don’t get upset. Everything can be resolved.

You might need to call for support, in this case support of hair tresses. You will need just few strands to support your curls. What important here is to buy natural tresses that match the color of your hair and bring them with you to the Dominican Republic. Further, our stylists will do everything else.

If you plan your wedding on Saona Island or even somewhere further, it will be better to come up with a hairstyle based on a bunch (bumps) or braids with weaving. This option will guarantee your hairstyle will last the whole day and maybe even night. Here you can also use tresses which will add nice volume to your hairstyle.

Ideal makeup for Wedding in the Dominican Republic

Here is just one rule: the brighter – the better. You might think a bright makeup is not suitable for a beach wedding but i assure you it is exactly on the contrary, especially for the photos. The camera and the bright sun flashes out the makeup. So it is better to make it brighter so it stays seen on the photos.

Besides, wedding is a special day. And you should look special, not like usual.

Find some makeup examples that you like and save them on your phone. Our professional stylist will recommend the makeup that will emphasize your beauty.

7 important moments for the bride when preparing for wedding in the Dominican Republic

  • Use sun protection.
  • Try not to be on the open sun from 11am till 3pm, in tropics you can get burnt in no time this time of the day. You don’t want to appear with red nose and burnt shoulders on your wedding photos, do you? Remind your fiancé he is also a part of the wedding and it is better to put beach volleyball play off to a day after wedding.
  • Bring antihistamine, anti-allergenic tablets from your country just in case. There are usually no drug stores in Dominican hotels.
  • Matting napkins will help to keep the makeup longer.
  • Makeup remover will make your nighttime sleep preparations easier. Take it with you.
  • On the evening before the wedding day, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and blow dry with a hairdryer, preferably upside down, to give a better volume from the roots of the hair.
  • In the morning, put on comfortable clothes preferably with a deep neckline order to be able to easily change into a wedding dress. If the wedding is on Saona Island, take flip flops for yourself and the groom.
Bridal preparation