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Punta Cana - Republica Dominicana

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Wedding in Paradise

Wanna find a place for a wedding that won’t be similar to a ceremony of your friend or a colleague? A place for just the two of you in wild paradise, but with amenities.

Offering this ceremony, we offer you to get away from the standards. 

A wedding in Puntarena is not just a wedding, but a whole honeymoon adventure! This celebration is held on a unique beach in a national park.

Wedding at Puntarena

While driving to our destination – where the ceremony will be held, you will be seeing all the beauty of Dominican Republic’s nature. We’ll stop and try fragrant Dominican coffee and sweets, will drive through a big city and small villages, will pass plantations of sugar cane and mango. Finally we’ll get to one of the most beautiful and deserted beaches in Dominican Republic where you will be having your ceremony. 

Imagine, endless white sand beach, mountain view and a stylish restaurant. All of this there will be just for you two with no other strangers. The chic interior and excellent cuisine, the pool, hammocks, palm trees, cactus and curious iguanas will fill in your tropical relaxation.

We will set up a wedding arch on the beach with a gorgeous Caribbean Sea view and you will be the only ones there.

The place is so beautiful that you can take photos endlessly. Moreover, we will have a professional photographer with us (portfolio here) who will take the best photos of you on your trip and your wedding in this paradise.

After the ceremony, photo and video shooting, you can take a pleasurable swim in warm Caribbean sea. Then you will have a romantic dinner as a beautiful conclusion of your wedding in paradise.

The menu includes various incredibly tasty dishes as well as cold champagne for your romantic dinner.

On the way back, we will see the night Dominican Republic. It’s a completely different country at this time! Fun and noisy, glowing with lights.

The whole trip will take 1 day. If you decide to see more, we’ll add a special route to unusual places and it’ll take 1 more day.

Wedding in Paradise


Ceremony for just the two of you

Wedding for two. Yay it happened! Now there are two of you bound together for life.

Your wedding could’ve taken place on Caribbean islands and the ceremony – on the beach. In Dominican Republic we can easily organize your wedding while you already are on your honeymoon. Sometimes your parents, relatives and friends might be protesting against that, but when they see your wedding photos and video, they’d understand that this day was a real fairytale.

Ceremony for just the two of you is a great opportunity to spend an ideal day together, enjoying each other and your happiness.

It’s not your obligation to organize a banquet and throw a party for 100 people, some part of whom you don’t even know. Your wedding is more importantly yours, it’s your celebration for just the two of you.

Don’t you like to make presents or receive them? So let the ceremony on the caribbean beach become the present for you and your other half! In addition to the ceremony you could make some other presents to each other. It can be a ride on a luxury or retro car, which could be also captured on photo and video film. It can be live instrumental music like saxophone or violin or a dominican music trio. Also, you could have a ride on a helicopter or ride horses together. Anything romantic that you can think of can become real!

Choosing location

Beach ceremonies are the most popular in Dominican Republic nowadays. On your day on the coast we set a beautifully decorated wedding arch. So you stand there, listening to the waves and palms rustle, give vows to each other. All the world today is only yours.

For extraordinary couples who don’t want to go with the popular flow, we have other choices for ceremony location. For example, on the blue lake or in tropical jungle, on a mountain or on the roof top of a restaurant with a yacht port view.

Photo session

Photographer on your wedding day is an essential and very important part. We work with ones of the best photographers on the island, who will not only capture the best day of your life, but also will do it with professionalism, easy approach and help.

Apart of the ceremony you could choose to go on a photo tour with your photographer who will take you to different picturesque places. You could change to different outfits, and so would have diverse beautiful photos. You will not only are capturing your wedding day, but also your journey to Dominican Republic.


Wedding music

Most of the couples start preparing wedding music list at the very beginning of their wedding planning.  Just think about how your favorite music can make the ceremony even more unforgettable. You can choose an MC who will play your favorite tracks or live instrumental band or both!

Maybe one day you heard a love song and straight away decided that it would be your love story track! You also might wanna surprise your other half with his/her favorite music at your wedding. Music can become a reminder of special moments that can bring up those warm feeling to your memory.

Live Instruments

The live music at your wedding always brings special atmosphere that sets the tone for the whole ceremony.  Wedding ceremonies in Dominican Republic almost always take places outdoors. Therefore we find live instruments are an excellent choice. They help to make ceremony more romantic, sincere and even more magical. The wedding  can be accompanied by a violin or a saxophone. In any case, the sound of live music organically suits the ceremony and give it a fabulous charm.

Dominican Trio

If you want your ceremony to be in typical tropical style, invite a trio of Dominican musicians to the ceremony. Charming melodies and positive  faces of musicians will make the atmosphere unforgettably joyful. Moreover they will become another embellishment for the wedding photo shoot, the first dance of the newlyweds and the ceremony as a whole.

What to choose

Still find it difficult to decide? Follow this recommendations:

  • Tender and romantic ceremony. For example Romantic vineyard, Bohemian romance  –  a violin is the right choice;
  • Bright and positive ceremony. For example Contemporary elegance, Vintage style, Glamorous and luxurious  –  a saxophone will add bright notes to the ceremony and photo shoot;
  • Fun and colorful wedding. Caribbean wedding on the beach  –  the Dominican trio is the perfect choice.

Tropical taste

Hello my beautiful and happy couples. As you know, there is nothing more beautiful than having new experiences and new emotions, bringing a new taste to your life! The exotic fruits, vegetables, Dominican nuts will help you in this. If we talk about the most delicious emotions. In Dominican Republic you can taste interesting things and choose your favorites.


The first thing you should try is definitely mangoes! Here are many kinds of it. So, only this exotic fruit you can taste countless times. The most delicious and sweet kind of mango is “Banilejo”. That’s the one you should try first! The mango season is from April to October.


Another star of local fruits is pineapple. That’s why it’s very common in Dominican Republic a cocktail named “Pina Colada”, which sometimes can be served directly in a pineapple.


Coconuts are just an extraordinary treasure for your health! Here they grow at 10 per square meter. And of course, any dominican coquero (a guy who deals with coconuts) will organize a glass of healthy water very quickly. He will also help you open the coconut to get the coconut mass from the inside. Yummy!


Avocado. One of the best friends for girls because it contains a huge amount of vitamin E, which helps us to stay fresh and healthy. It also has a large amount of minerals, vitamins and mono- and polyunsaturated fats.  It tastes great when you complete it with a little bit of lemon juice.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit, or chinola, as it is called here. It’s enough for you to eat just 2 of those to fulfill your body with vitamin C. But don’t forget to add 1 teaspoon of honey or sugar,  as it’s a little too sour. 

A lot of other different fruits and vegetables that will surprise you in taste and has a great value for your body. We could speak endlessly!

Papaya (lechosa). Pleasant and sweet taste. A large number of cocktails are made from it and you can eat it just like that. Fruta de dragon (pitahaya) with a bright inner world, which the photographers also love for its colorfulness. And finally, and of course, bananas! About them, we will write a whole separate post about their types and tastes and methods of cooking. Ask any dominican what’s  “Tostones”. And you will be surprised when they bring you a plate with thin fried bananas with ketchup on side, it’s like fried potatoes chips here!

And in conclusion, I  recommend you to order our plate from exotic fruits for your wedding in paradise. Because that way you’ll be sure to add new senses  to your big day that you will remember for your whole life!


Italian project Tracadero – Wedding for two

The fairy tale is a reality. While follow the wedding theme for two. We can recommend another beautiful place for a wedding venue. This is Italian project Tracadero. This place is located near La Romana provinces.

The location has beautiful panoramic pictures of the sea. As a result, you will get unforgettable photos and video. And therefore we are happy to give you the opportunity to choose. Recently, Tracadero is popular. So hurry to reserve this location for your planned dates. So, to be able to find exactly your place of which you dreamed.

In conclusion,  you can find further something useful for you. Please pay attention to the approximate budget:

Italian project Tracadero

Accompanying of the wedding coordinator and

  • Accompanying of the wedding coordinator and Private transfer
  • Symbolic wedding ceremony in gazebo and officiant for your ceremony (Spanish, English)
  • The ceremony of sand and Wedding certificate for a symbolic Ceremony
  • Decoration with silk flowers
  • Chilled champagne and musical accompaniment of the ceremony
  • Photo session (170 photos)

– US$1,690.00-

Try to use possibility to be here. The most beautiful place. The best views and romantic, for instance.


Wedding for two on the beach

Imagine now you two are together for life . Certainly wedding on the islands is good idea and a beautiful ceremony on the beach. That is why you can easily arrange a wedding and at the same time spend the honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Above all a wedding for two is an opportunity to spend the perfect day and enjoy only your happiness.

beach wedding

Give gifts to each other! Let your honeymoon trip be such a gift. The wedding for two 100 times better than meanwhile arranging a banquet for 100 people with a standard set of entertainment. In addition, if you don’t need to organize fun even for a small number of guests, moreover you cut the budget. With the money saved you can make a lot of gifts to each other and realize joint ideas subsequently.

Wedding for two

Wedding for two ideas.

What gifts to give when only a wedding and two lovers without guests. For example:
Firstly a gift for a loved one can be a walk on a luxury car. Who doesn’t dream of driving a retro car or a modern convertible?
Secondly you can also take an excursion together on helicopter and arrive to wedding venue on it.

Thirdly the wedding  can afford just swing in a hammock and “talk” with parrots in short.

wedding for two

Wedding for two. Choosing a place for the ceremony.

Very popular all over the world – beach ceremonies. Certainly on this day a stylish decorated wedding arch will wait your couple and to the sounds of beautiful music, you pass to it. Subsequently the real Caribbean ceremony begins. As a result, the whole world on this day is just for you and your couple. The white sand and blue Caribbean see are important features of such a ceremony as a beach wedding.

Beach wedding

An example is beach «Amor» Cabeza de Toro Wedding:

Private beach with white sand, palm lane and beautiful sea views

– Accompanying of the wedding coordinator

– Private transfer Hotel – Beach – Hotel

– Symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach

– Officiant for your ceremony (Spanish, English)

– The ceremony of sand

– Wedding certificate for a symbolic Ceremony

– Decoration of the arch with silk flowers

– Drinks and water

– Chilled champagne

– Musical accompaniment of the ceremony

– Photosession (150 photos)

– 990$ –


  • The bride’s bouquet (fresh flowers), boutonniere……….80$
  • Wedding hairstyle and makeup…………………………………120$
  • Videographer…………………………………………………………..350$
  • Decoration with fresh flowers…………………………………..250$
  • Invited guests 1 person……………………………………………..25$
  • Live music musical Dominican Trio…………………………..180$

Catamaran wedding at sea

A wedding on a white catamaran is exactly the wedding that merry romantics dream of.

To have a venue on a catamaran and get married in the Caribbean, in the middle of the sea. Just imagine you will be together, far from the noisy beaches. So, only you two and to the sound of light music of sea waves.

It could be beautiful beginning of family life.

Are you dreaming of such wedding?

Catamaran wedding

A catamaran wedding is foremost privacy. Here you will be alone or with your closest relatives. As a result, you will spend together an insanely happy wedding day.

At your disposal will be a white, comfortable catamaran. Only for your couple and your friends. If you are planning a wedding with guests.

What awaits you?

The first, the wedding day at sea is untraditionally.

The second, you will have a Dominican style animation team, fun music and open-bar during the venue. So, you won’t be bored.

The third, individual decor. It will be done just for your ceremony.

And the fourth, the photo session will be entire wedding day. You will have exclusive shots as a result.

Catamaran wedding


– Transfer Hotel – beauty salon – Catamaran – Hotel;

– Catamaran rental for 3 hours;

– Wedding ceremony and walk on the sea with a photo shoot and video team;

– Romantic vows, certificate, ceremony table decor;

– Wedding champagne and wine glasses;

– Snacks, fruits, cocktails during the venue;

– Brides bouquet of flowers, boutonniere, rose petals;

– Bride hairstyle and makeup at a beauty salon;

– Music of the ceremony (recording);

– Photosession 200 – 230 photos + 10 journal retouch;

Description of the wedding day

From your hotel, at the appointed time, you will take a comfortable transfer to a beauty salon. Where, for 1.5 hours, professional stylists will create the image of the bride. Next, you will go to the place of departure of the catamaran.

You arrive at the beach and the photo session begins on the coast, before departure. The catamaran decor will be made in a style that we will discuss in advance. And we are go to ceremony venue on catamaran.

Wedding ceremony at sea. We will be several kilometers away from the coast for a wedding ceremony. The ceremony lasts about 30 minutes and includes all the best wedding ceremonies. Like, for example, the Caribbean Sand Ceremony. The whole wedding day will be accompanied by beautiful music. Do not forget to prepare your first dance of the newlyweds! This will be a real highlight of your wedding.

Further, will be little trip, along the coast. With fun music and animation. We’ll stay in a sea natural pool for a photo. We can go away from catamaran to take photos in the wild. If you request.

Catamaran wedding Catamaran wedding Catamaran wedding

We return back, after 4 hours, with dancing and champagne!


Delicious part of your ceremony

wedding cake

A delicious part of your ceremony, this is of course a delicious wedding cake.

Nice to eat after the official confessions at the ceremony and finally relax. Get aesthetic pleasure as well. Photographers will always be ready to make an interesting and beautiful photo for memory. Wedding cake and sweets portend a sweet life.

It has already become a symbol of all wedding parties. Your pastry chef will be waiting for you with your ideas and wishes for the cake. You can ask to make the cake stylish, fun or fairytale. Trust our wedding team this part.

Our pastry cooks will prepare your wedding cake from natural ingredients. It can be with chocolate or vanilla biscuits, impregnated with Dominican rum and cream, with a layer of tropical fruits or natural jams.

Also don’t forget about exotic fruits. It is as important as a delicious wedding cake. After all, your wedding ceremony will be held in a tropical country. Dominican Republic has a lot of them. And will be able to surprise you and your guests with the taste and original shape. Order fruit canapes, cocktails in exotic fruits or exotic salads. It is very tasty and interesting for a wedding ceremony.

Be sure to celebrate your wedding day with champagne and make it loud and beautiful. Shake the bottle to let it spill over your and over your guests. It is fun and beautiful.


Wedding at Juanillo Beach

We continue the story about the best places of the Dominican Republic, intended for the wedding ceremony. Also we want to mention the most elegant beach is Wedding at Juanillo Beach.  Wide coastline, white sand and blue Caribbean see. There are important features of such a ceremony as a beach wedding. Photos of Juanillo Beach are the hallmark of the fashionable resort of Cap Cana. Place for wedding ceremonies located in a secluded place. In one of beautiful residences of Cap Cana. Half an hour from Bavaro or Punta Cana. First of all, Wedding at Juanillo Beach is intended for newlyweds wishing to organize a luxurious wedding. With a excellent view of a tropical paradise.

Wedding at Juanillo Beach

So, it is here, the video of the wedding ceremony will be especially beautiful. Including Love story photo session. The combination of wonderful colors of palm groves, white sand and sea colors of aquamarine will make the wedding day unforgettable.

What exactly expects a couple on this day?

Early enough to climb to visit the beauty salon. Our stylists will work with your image creating the most beautiful and comfortable hairstyle and make-up. 

Then, comfortable transfer bring your couple directly to the beach. On the Juanillo beach you will find the decorated wedding arch, the color and style of which we will choose in advance. And of course all the necessary attributes and accessories of the ceremony. This the bridal bouquet, champagne, fruits and wedding arch with beautiful decor. The sound of the surf and the morning sun will please us in the morning.

Wedding at Juanillo Beach

The ceremony lasts just over an hour. The venue of the wedding smoothly turns into a romantic walk and fotoshoot after. As a result, the newlyweds get a privacy and pleasure from the backdrop of stunning Caribbean views.


Official marriage in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, you can enter into a official marriage. Brides and grooms come to us from different countries to become husband and wife in a sunny and cheerful Caribbean country. For the official marriage you will need to prepare only 4 documents. The rest of the questions we do. You will receive your marriage certificate, which says that you got married in the Dominican Republic! It is so extraordinary! You can become a husband and wife, standing barefoot on white sand or in a cozy, Caribbean restaurant or in a local registry office. But it will be the most interesting beginning of your family life.

official marriage

Official marriage

Official marriage