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Punta Cana - Republica Dominicana

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Wedding in Paradise

Wanna find a place for a wedding that won’t be similar to a ceremony of your friend or a colleague? A place for just the two of you in wild paradise, but with amenities.

Offering this ceremony, we offer you to get away from the standards. 

A wedding in Puntarena is not just a wedding, but a whole honeymoon adventure! This celebration is held on a unique beach in a national park.

Wedding at Puntarena

While driving to our destination – where the ceremony will be held, you will be seeing all the beauty of Dominican Republic’s nature. We’ll stop and try fragrant Dominican coffee and sweets, will drive through a big city and small villages, will pass plantations of sugar cane and mango. Finally we’ll get to one of the most beautiful and deserted beaches in Dominican Republic where you will be having your ceremony. 

Imagine, endless white sand beach, mountain view and a stylish restaurant. All of this there will be just for you two with no other strangers. The chic interior and excellent cuisine, the pool, hammocks, palm trees, cactus and curious iguanas will fill in your tropical relaxation.

We will set up a wedding arch on the beach with a gorgeous Caribbean Sea view and you will be the only ones there.

The place is so beautiful that you can take photos endlessly. Moreover, we will have a professional photographer with us (portfolio here) who will take the best photos of you on your trip and your wedding in this paradise.

After the ceremony, photo and video shooting, you can take a pleasurable swim in warm Caribbean sea. Then you will have a romantic dinner as a beautiful conclusion of your wedding in paradise.

The menu includes various incredibly tasty dishes as well as cold champagne for your romantic dinner.

On the way back, we will see the night Dominican Republic. It’s a completely different country at this time! Fun and noisy, glowing with lights.

The whole trip will take 1 day. If you decide to see more, we’ll add a special route to unusual places and it’ll take 1 more day.

Wedding in Paradise


Ceremony for just the two of you

Wedding for two. Yay it happened! Now there are two of you bound together for life.

Your wedding could’ve taken place on Caribbean islands and the ceremony – on the beach. In Dominican Republic we can easily organize your wedding while you already are on your honeymoon. Sometimes your parents, relatives and friends might be protesting against that, but when they see your wedding photos and video, they’d understand that this day was a real fairytale.

Ceremony for just the two of you is a great opportunity to spend an ideal day together, enjoying each other and your happiness.

It’s not your obligation to organize a banquet and throw a party for 100 people, some part of whom you don’t even know. Your wedding is more importantly yours, it’s your celebration for just the two of you.

Don’t you like to make presents or receive them? So let the ceremony on the caribbean beach become the present for you and your other half! In addition to the ceremony you could make some other presents to each other. It can be a ride on a luxury or retro car, which could be also captured on photo and video film. It can be live instrumental music like saxophone or violin or a dominican music trio. Also, you could have a ride on a helicopter or ride horses together. Anything romantic that you can think of can become real!

Choosing location

Beach ceremonies are the most popular in Dominican Republic nowadays. On your day on the coast we set a beautifully decorated wedding arch. So you stand there, listening to the waves and palms rustle, give vows to each other. All the world today is only yours.

For extraordinary couples who don’t want to go with the popular flow, we have other choices for ceremony location. For example, on the blue lake or in tropical jungle, on a mountain or on the roof top of a restaurant with a yacht port view.

Photo session

Photographer on your wedding day is an essential and very important part. We work with ones of the best photographers on the island, who will not only capture the best day of your life, but also will do it with professionalism, easy approach and help.

Apart of the ceremony you could choose to go on a photo tour with your photographer who will take you to different picturesque places. You could change to different outfits, and so would have diverse beautiful photos. You will not only are capturing your wedding day, but also your journey to Dominican Republic.


Tattoo and your wedding

Tradition and tenderness or passion and courage. Tattoo and wedding.  Everything is possible! Today, more and more couples strive to individuality. It’s true. We are all different. Even if say they are born for each other, look how similar they are. I don’t think so. We have seen absolutely different people, but when they are together like are one. One of the ways to open up to the world and tell about yourself is Tattoo. In the modern world there are a numerous of their kinds. Sometimes you are just attracted to study tattoo. It is attractive. 

With our team you will receive respect and admiration for your style always. We are always happy to work with the new styles. Because agree that there are not all people who are ready to break the stereotypes about the traditional wedding. Therefore, you should not look for a dress or suit that will close your story, do not fool your I am. The result is that you get the wedding you dreamed of. It is necessary to follow your lifestyle and conviction. Thats why we are ready help you with this. Our team has stylish, young and with great professional experience photographers and videographers. Therefore, they can make your favorite tattoos the best part of your wedding style.

Tatoo and WeddingTatoo and WeddingTatoo and Wedding

Look how easy to be yourself. How beautiful to read the story in sketches. Maybe you have your own love tattoo? It’s very romantic. So you have your own story. Tattoo and your wedding.

Love each other and develop together. The tattoo looks very empathic, something different and deep. Remember.

Tatoo and Wedding



Wedding for two!

The rustle of waves and green palms blows away your declarations of love, a light breeze touches your faces and the whole world on this day is just for you.

wedding for two

wedding for two

wedding for two


Saona Island

Island Saona, the pearl of the Dominican Republic. Only here are the most beautiful beaches, with white sand and a sea of bright turquoise color. The perfect decor for your wedding in paradise!