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Punta Cana - Republica Dominicana

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Wedding on Saona Island

Saona Island is a paradisiacal place, cozily situated in the Caribbean sea. Wedding on Saona Island is a little bit adventurous. The couples who choose this wedding destination get the whole packages of emotions and impressions.

The wedding day on Saona Island takes the whole day. It includes not only the wedding itself but also a private excursion, which you will enjoy peacefully after the ceremony, photo session and romantic lunch on the island.

How The Day starts

In the early morning, around 6am you are picked up from the place you are staying and taken to the salon, where our professional stylists take care of you.

Creating a wedding image of the bride (hairstyle and makeup) takes approximately 1 and a half – 2 hours, in a cozy salon, with free wi-fi.


7:30 am – our transfer bus picking you up from the salon to take you to the departure of the boat. It’s aproximately 1 hour drive. The photographer or/and videographer is already in the bus with you. So you can discuss your photo session and your wishes about the photos.

9:00 am – boarding a speed boat. Travel time to the Island is around 30 minutes. It is important to wear comfortable shoes that you can easily take off because boarding and disembarking is by sea. Flip flops are ideal choice. Be sure to put on sunscreen, take a bandana, pareo and sunglasses with you.

9:45 am – dressing up in your wedding outfits and going to a photoshoot around the area. At this time there is almost no tourists, so you can enjoy desert beauty of a paradisiacal island.

12:30 pm – the ceremony begins. The decor, colors and other details we discuss in advance. The ceremony includes various rites: opening champagne bottle, Sand of unity, romantic vows, first dance.

Saona Wedding Alina & Artur

1:30 pm – a decorated and served table is awaiting you. You’ll be having typical Dominican lunch with the Caribbean Sea view, light music and best relaxation.

2:30 pm – the photo session goes on. If you want you can change an outfit for another dress and shorts or bedding suits. There is a hammock, palm trees grove, the Caribbean sea coast.

3:30 pm – putting swim suits on and boarding on the boat to start our excursion. You’ll feed tropical fish, see the mangroves and swim in the natural pool. We will make a stop specially to look at starfishes and take photos in the beautiful Caribbean lagoon.

Saona island
Saona island

5:30 pm – returning to the hotel.

As a result, you get the most amazing day, a lot of diverse beautiful photos and the best emotions.


Wedding in Paradise

Wanna find a place for a wedding that won’t be similar to a ceremony of your friend or a colleague? A place for just the two of you in wild paradise, but with amenities.

Offering this ceremony, we offer you to get away from the standards. 

A wedding in Puntarena is not just a wedding, but a whole honeymoon adventure! This celebration is held on a unique beach in a national park.

Wedding at Puntarena

While driving to our destination – where the ceremony will be held, you will be seeing all the beauty of Dominican Republic’s nature. We’ll stop and try fragrant Dominican coffee and sweets, will drive through a big city and small villages, will pass plantations of sugar cane and mango. Finally we’ll get to one of the most beautiful and deserted beaches in Dominican Republic where you will be having your ceremony. 

Imagine, endless white sand beach, mountain view and a stylish restaurant. All of this there will be just for you two with no other strangers. The chic interior and excellent cuisine, the pool, hammocks, palm trees, cactus and curious iguanas will fill in your tropical relaxation.

We will set up a wedding arch on the beach with a gorgeous Caribbean Sea view and you will be the only ones there.

The place is so beautiful that you can take photos endlessly. Moreover, we will have a professional photographer with us (portfolio here) who will take the best photos of you on your trip and your wedding in this paradise.

After the ceremony, photo and video shooting, you can take a pleasurable swim in warm Caribbean sea. Then you will have a romantic dinner as a beautiful conclusion of your wedding in paradise.

The menu includes various incredibly tasty dishes as well as cold champagne for your romantic dinner.

On the way back, we will see the night Dominican Republic. It’s a completely different country at this time! Fun and noisy, glowing with lights.

The whole trip will take 1 day. If you decide to see more, we’ll add a special route to unusual places and it’ll take 1 more day.

Wedding in Paradise


Tropical taste

Hello my beautiful and happy couples. As you know, there is nothing more beautiful than having new experiences and new emotions, bringing a new taste to your life! The exotic fruits, vegetables, Dominican nuts will help you in this. If we talk about the most delicious emotions. In Dominican Republic you can taste interesting things and choose your favorites.


The first thing you should try is definitely mangoes! Here are many kinds of it. So, only this exotic fruit you can taste countless times. The most delicious and sweet kind of mango is “Banilejo”. That’s the one you should try first! The mango season is from April to October.


Another star of local fruits is pineapple. That’s why it’s very common in Dominican Republic a cocktail named “Pina Colada”, which sometimes can be served directly in a pineapple.


Coconuts are just an extraordinary treasure for your health! Here they grow at 10 per square meter. And of course, any dominican coquero (a guy who deals with coconuts) will organize a glass of healthy water very quickly. He will also help you open the coconut to get the coconut mass from the inside. Yummy!


Avocado. One of the best friends for girls because it contains a huge amount of vitamin E, which helps us to stay fresh and healthy. It also has a large amount of minerals, vitamins and mono- and polyunsaturated fats.  It tastes great when you complete it with a little bit of lemon juice.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit, or chinola, as it is called here. It’s enough for you to eat just 2 of those to fulfill your body with vitamin C. But don’t forget to add 1 teaspoon of honey or sugar,  as it’s a little too sour. 

A lot of other different fruits and vegetables that will surprise you in taste and has a great value for your body. We could speak endlessly!

Papaya (lechosa). Pleasant and sweet taste. A large number of cocktails are made from it and you can eat it just like that. Fruta de dragon (pitahaya) with a bright inner world, which the photographers also love for its colorfulness. And finally, and of course, bananas! About them, we will write a whole separate post about their types and tastes and methods of cooking. Ask any dominican what’s  “Tostones”. And you will be surprised when they bring you a plate with thin fried bananas with ketchup on side, it’s like fried potatoes chips here!

And in conclusion, I  recommend you to order our plate from exotic fruits for your wedding in paradise. Because that way you’ll be sure to add new senses  to your big day that you will remember for your whole life!